25 Ağustos 2014 Pazartesi

Installing Put.io on OUYA

Ouya is a gaming microconsole which was funded by a Kickstarter campaing and became second most highest earned project in the Kickstarter history. Ouya has seen support, because of its open design, and it encourages developers to hack and play with the device.

Ouya runs a custom Android operating system and it's firmware is being actively developed. With 1.2.1187 "Chupacabra" update released recently, it's possible to upload Android apks directly from your browser without any software installed on your PC.

You can install Steven Schoen's excellent Put.io app into your Ouya console.

  • First connect your PC and Ouya into same Wi-Fi network.
  • Start your Ouya device and choose MAKE  > UPLOAD functionality from the menu. By clicking UPLOAD button on the right, an address just under the button will be appeared (A URL like "http://192.168.0.XX:10000/") . Note it and go to that address with your browser from any PC in the same network. A drag&drop upload page will show up on your screen.
  •  Download Put.io apk from here and drop file into the page. After progress bar is full, you can reach the app from MAKE > SOFTWARE section on your Ouya.
  • On login screen, virtual keyboard doesn't appear so you need to use a USB keyboard to enter your login credentials.
Have fun!

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