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Installing Put.io on Amazon Fire TV

It's easy to get Put.io running on your Amazon Fire TV device within a few steps.  Steven Schoen's Put.io Android app works seamlessly on Amazon Fire TV and you can install it just from your PC sharing the same Wi-Fi with your Amazon Fire Tv.

Before you start make sure your Amazon Fire TV and your PC are connected to same Wi-Fi network.

1. Set your Fire TV ready for installing

First, we must enable access into Fire TV before we can connect to device and install the Put.io app.
  1. From the main (Launcher) screen of Amazon Fire TV, select Settings
  2. Select System > Developer Options
  3. Select ADB Debugging and set to ON.

We also need the IP address of Amazon Fire TV on network to be able to access it from PC.
  1. From the main screen of Amazon Fire TV, select Settings.
  2. Select System > About > Network.  Make note of IP address listed on this screen.

2. Download Android SDK and Put.io app into your PC

We must get Android SDK which is a set of tools used for creating and testing Android applications by developers.  We are going to use just a single part of the SDK to transfer Put.io app into Amazon Fire TV.

First, download appropriate Android SDK zip file for your operating system from Android website http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html.

After you download the zip file, for Windows extract it to your Desktop or elsewhere you feel comfortable. For Mac and Linux you can do the similar from your file browser or extract it with unzip command.

Now, download latest Put.io app (putio.apk) from the Github page https://github.com/DSteve595/Put.io/releases/latest

After download is complete, for convenience, move putio.apk into Android SDK folder you extracted from zip file.

3. Install Put.io app into Amazon Fire TV

The last step is to install our app.  Procedure is similar but changes according to your your operating system.

For Windows,
  1. Open Command Prompt window by: Click the Start button. In the Search box, type Command Prompt, and then, in the list of results, double-click Command Prompt. We are now going to enter some commands into Command Prompt.  
  2. First type  cd and put an empty whitespace after cd command. Then, from your desktop drag and drop Android SDK folder we unzipped into the Command Prompt. You should see something like  cd C://Users/Orcun/Desktop/android-bundle-windows-x86 on your screen. And press enter.
  3. Type cd platform-tools and press enter.
  4. Type adb kill-server and press enter.
  5. Type adb start-server and press enter.
  6. Type adb connect [ipaddress]  in which [ipaddress] part should be your Amazon Fire TV's IP address without brackets. And press enter.
  7. Type adb install ../Putio.apk and press enter.
For Linux and Os X fire up your terminal and enter following commands similar to Windows.
  1. cd /path/to/android-sdk-folder
  2. cd platform-tools
  3. ./adb kill-server
  4. ./adb start-server
  5. ./adb connect [ipaddress]
  6. ./adb install ../Putio.apk

4. Enjoy!

It's all done! You can now find Putio app on your Amazon Fire Tv on: Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed. Login and enjoy!

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    Nice write-up! I wish Amazon made it easier to sideload apps, or at least easier to launch apps that have been sideloaded. Probably not going to happen, but some nicely worded emails probably wouldn't hurt.

    One thing: Could you change the GitHub link to (https://github.com/DSteve595/Put.io/releases/latest) ?
    That will always point to the latest release instead of 2.0.1. I upload apks for every release.

    Orçun dedi ki...

    Thanks Steven, I updated the link accordingly :)

    Unknown dedi ki...
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